Anno Domini - An Anthology of the Past - Excruciation

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Anno Domini - An Anthology of the Past (1991)


Add. Info:
All tracks taken from the PROPHECY OF IMMORTALITY, ABYSS OF TIME & ACT OF DESPAIR tapes. Except WARDANCE, recorded live at the Volkshaus Zürich (CH) .
Remixed & remastered at DNS-Studios, Birmensdorf (CH), 1991. Produced by Excruciation.

This CD was meant as an appetizer for the forthcoming album.

Anno Domini - An Anthology of the Past
Turbo Music (1991)
JL America (1992)

The Circle
Hasta La Muerte
Id Est.../The Mask
Oppressive Reality
Plasure 'n' Pain
Genocide in God's Name
Merciless Destiny
Call of Desperation
Solitude/From the Dephts of Insanity
Odore di Morte dentro di me
Wardance (live at the Volkshaus Zürich, CH)

Line up:
Eugi (Eugenio Meccariello) – vocals
Marc (Marcel Bosshart) – guitars
Rick (D.D. Lowinger) – bass
Andy (Andy Renggli) – drums
George Hauser - guitars (only on track 1)

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