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Last Judgement + Demos (2017)


For the first time on CD including the demos "The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider" (1985) and "First Assault" (2nd edition, 1986).
Mastered from the best sound source in existence.
Includes 12-page booklet.

Tracks 1 - 5 from "Last Judgement" (1987)
Tracks 6 - 11 from "The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider" (1985)
Tracks 12 - 18 from "First Assault" (2nd Ed.) (1986)

From The Crypts:
Originally released in 1987 only on vinyl, we are proud to offer this classic release on compact disc format! Also making their CD debut, as a bonus we will also be including the bands' 1985 "The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider" and "First Assault" demos.

Last Judgement/ First Assault
The Crypt / Dark Symphonies (2017)


Last Judgment
At the Edge of Madness
The Silence
Hateful Pain
Desperate End (Nuclear Nightmare)
Mirror of Eternity

The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider (1985)
Revelation (intro) / Damnation
Introduction to Hell
Fall to Hell!
The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider
Fate Blade

First Assault (2nd Edition - 1986)
Eternal Cries
Revelation (intro) / Damnation
Fall To Hell!
Church Of Chill
The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider
Endless Oppression
The End (Outro)
Blade Of Fate


Last Judgement

Recorded at DNS-Studios,  Birmensdorf (Switzerland), December 5-7, 1986.
Engineered & Mixed by C. Flury, T. Wasinger & Excruciation.
Music by Excruciation. Lyrics by Meccariello.
Produced by Excruciation.

First released by Chainsaw Murder Rec., 1987.

Line up: Eugi - vocals / Marc - guitars / Rick - bass / Andy - Drums
Additional guitars by Joe.

First Assault (2nd Edition)

* recorded during the same session but not released on the demo.

Recorded at the ā€˛Vault", February 26, 1986
Zurich, Switzerland.
Music by Excruciation. Lyrics by Meccariello, except "Fall to Hell!" by Bosshart, Lowinger, Meccariello & " The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider" by Bosshart, Lowinger.

Line up:  Eugi - vocals / Joe - guitars  / Marc - guitars / Rick - bass  / Andy - Drums

First released by Lunatic Warrior Prod. 1986.

The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider

Recorded April 6-7, 1985 in Zurich, Switzerland
Music by Excruciation. Lyrics by Bosshart, Lowinger, except "Revelation/Damnation" by Meccariello, "Fall to Hell!" by  Bosshart, Lowinger, Meccariello, "Ba'al" by Arani.

Line up:
Ugly Bone - vocals / Joe Tales - guitars
Marc Graves - guitars / Rick Hatred - bass
Mat Chaos - Drums

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