Legacy #64 - Excruciation

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Legacy # 64 (2009)


Legacy #64
CD - Legacy (2010)

Excruciation track:
Dignitas (edit)
(taken from [t]horns)

Line up:
Eugenio Meccariello – vocals
José Venegas - guitars
Marcel Bosshart – guitars
HNS Reitze – guitars
D.D. (D.D. Lowinger) – bass
Andy (Andy Renggli) – drums

Released as a supplement to the Legacy Magaine #64, 01/2010.
Wrong title on the cover, [thorns] instead of Dignitas.

Other bands featured:
Agrypnie (D) Annotations Of An Autopsy (GB) Barren Earth (FIN) Bifroest (D) lt Bran Barr (F) Dark Fortress (D) Distorted Impalement (A) Frozen (E) Nebelstille (D) Nydvind (F) Sammath (NL) lt Torture Pit (D) Under That Spell (D) Varg (D) World To Ashes (D)

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