Life of Immortality '87 - Excruciation

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Life of Immortality (2012)


Life of Immortality '87
The Ritual Productions (2012=

Id Est (intro)
At the Edge of Madness
Hasra la Muerte
Theatre of the Absurd
Between two Worlds
Hateful Pain
Mirror of Eternity
The Silence
Genocide in God’s Name
Pleasure 'n' Pain
Two Months of Insanity
Desperate End (Nuclear Nightmare)
Murder (Extreme Noise Terror-cover, feat. Nasty from Exxor)

Line up:
Eugi (Eugenio Meccariello) – vocals
Marc (Marcel Bosshart) – guitars
D.D. (Dieter Lowinger) – bass
Andy (Andy Renggli) – drums

Add. Info:
Audience live-recording Recorded in Sargans (CH), September 5, 1987.  
Music by Excruciation. Lyrics by E. Meccariello.
Edition of 150. Handnumbered.

Notes: Pro made tape with printed cover. Released by The Ritual Productions from the Netherlands.

Add. info:
We were really happy about this release, as it features several previously unreleased tracks.
Between two worlds, Two Months of Insanity (talking about a friend of us that was diagnosed leukemia
and had two months to live. She then started a trip around the world. First trip she did, was driving us to a gig in Milan (I) and we did not hear from her ever since.) First and only time we played that song live. The third unrelesed song was Murder. A cover from Extreme Noise Terror featuring Nasty from Exxor. We just rehearsed that song once at the soundcheck so it was a little bit chaotic in the end.

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