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The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider - Rehearsal (1985)


The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider - Rehearsal
MC (1985)

The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider
Fall to Hell!
Fate Blade

Line up:
Gene (Eugenio Meccariello) – vocals

Marc (Marcel Bosshart) – guitars
Joe (José Venegas) – guitars
Didi (D.D. Lowinger) – bass
Mat (Matthias Arani) – drums

Add. Info:
Recorded at the "Vault" in March 1985
Music by Excruciation / Lyrics by Bosshart/Lowinger
Produced by Excruciation.
Design & Artwork by Bosshart/Lowinger/Arani.
Only a handful distibuted.

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