F.O.A.D. Records - Label compilation - Excruciation

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F.O.A.D. Records Label compilation (2012)


F.O.A.D. Records Compilation
CD - F.O.A.D Records (2012)

Excruciation track:
At the Edge of Madness
(taken from Last Judgement/First Assault)

Line up:
Eugi (Eugenio Meccariello) – vocals
José Venegas - guitars
Marc (Marcel Bosshart) – guitars
Rick (D.D. Lowinger) – bass
Andy (Andy Renggli) – drums

Other bands featured:
Malevolent Creation, Schizo, Aftermath, Restor de Tragedia, Lethal Aggression, Blue Vomit, Wehrmacht, Sabbat, Jester Beast, Raw Power, Ursus, Ghostrider, Savage Death, Upset Noise, Fear of God, Hellwitch, ED, Possessed, Cripple Bastards, Yacopsea, Nerorgasmo, Ratos de Porao, Protector, Blasfemia, Stinky Rats, Minkions, Desecreation,.Necrodeath

Additional info:
Addendum to D.O.A. MAgazine #4

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