Schwermetall 3 - Excruciation

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Schwermetall 3 (2008)


Schwermetall 3
CD - (2008)

Excruciation track:
Mo(u)rning Again
(taken from Angels to some, demons to others)

Line up:
Eugenio Meccariello – vocals
José Venegas - guitars
Marcel Bosshart – guitars
George Hauser – guitars
D.D. (D.D. Lowinger) – bass
Andy (Andy Renggli) – drums

Limited to 500 copies.

Other bands featured:
Atritas, Tribes of Caïn, Asag, Forgotten Chaos, Totgeburt, Finsterforst, Kerbenok, Shadowthrone, Svafnir, Beyond the Void, Lost Dreams, Arcanum, Miasma

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