The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider - Excruciation

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The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider (1985)


The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider
MC unreleased (1985)
MC - Auric Records (2014)

Revelation (intro)
Fall to Hell!
The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider
Fate Blade

Line up:
Ugly Bone (Eugenio Meccariello) – vocals
Marc Grave (Marcel Bosshart) – guitars
Joe Tales (José Venegas) –  guitars
Rick Hatred (Dieter Lowinger) – bass
Mat Chaos (Mathias Arani) – drums

Drawing for the original cover.

Add. Info: Recorded at some studio in Zurich (Switzerland). April 6/7, 1985. Music by Excruciation.
Lyrics by Meccariello (Revelation/Damnation), Bosshart/Lowinger/Meccariello (Fall to Hell!), Bosshart/Lowinger (4th Apocalyptic Rider & Fate Blade)
& Arani (Ba'al).
Produced by Excruciation.

Re-released by Auric Records for the 30th anniversary of Excruciation.
Limited to 30 copies.
And re-released by The Crypt / Dark Symphonies on the "Last Judgment" CD including "First Assault"-demo and, 2017.

Only about an edition of 20 was released and being withdrawn afterwards, because the sound on the tape was too clean and too mainstream (!) for the band’s taste. Of course they blamed it to the engineer of the studio. Well, considering that the band started playing their instruments just six months earlier, its not so bad. Nevertheless it made its way to some college-radios in the US where it stayed over two months on the top of some underground-charts. The cover has never been finished.

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